Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    RDCA:Stuart Newey Plate71024014%
    RDCA:A Grade (Ian Spencer Shield)74021057%
    RDCA:E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)73022043%
    RDCA:I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)73022043%
    RDCA:J Grade (Tony Gawne Shield)72032029%
    RDCA:RDCA PSV T204001300%
    WCCC:East Twenty2092007022%
    WCCC:East One Day Competition110000100%
    RDCA:Dorset Gardens Hotel Veterans T20 Competition       
    BHRDCA:Under 18 - Friday Night51013020%
    RDCA:Girls U/15 Stars       
    RDCA:Under 14-2 (Alan L. Reidy Shield)72014029%
    RDCA:Under 14-564011067%
    RDCA:Under 14 -663012050%
    RDCA:Under 14-2 T2032001067%
    RDCA:Under 12-2 (Roy Baldwin Shield)65001083%
    RDCA:Under 12-6102026020%
    RDCA:Under 12-2 T20220000100%
    RDCA:Stars Girls Cricket League -U/1273004043%
    RDCA:Mini Bash 3       
    RDCA:Mini Bash 3       
    RDCA:Mini Bash 3       

    Season batting statistics
    RDCA:Stuart Newey Plate9495317.913232.93025
    RDCA:A Grade (Ian Spencer Shield)11195221.523203.50047
    RDCA:E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)8944519.872513.56129
    RDCA:I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)10784523.963023.57077
    RDCA:J Grade (Tony Gawne Shield)5573316.882062.69025
    RDCA:RDCA PSV T203892316.91537.25013
    WCCC:East Twenty207305214.041764.140213
    WCCC:East One Day Competition159917.67354.44002
    RDCA:Dorset Gardens Hotel Veterans T20 Competition00      
    BHRDCA:Under 18 - Friday Night3952317.17934.22004
    RDCA:Girls U/15 Stars        
    RDCA:Under 14-2 (Alan L. Reidy Shield)7244914.782143.380011
    RDCA:Under 14-57194117.542193.280110
    RDCA:Under 14 -66263617.391823.440111
    RDCA:Under 14-2 T202301713.53603.83004
    RDCA:Under 12-2 (Roy Baldwin Shield)6553021.831703.84007
    RDCA:Under 12-64854710.321702.850018
    RDCA:Under 12-2 T20101333.67205.05001
    RDCA:Stars Girls Cricket League -U/126534215.551404.66004
    RDCA:Mini Bash 300      
    RDCA:Mini Bash 300      
    RDCA:Mini Bash 300      

    Season bowling statistics
    RDCA:Stuart Newey Plate41118328.853793.122
    RDCA:A Grade (Ian Spencer Shield)3884822.322922.901
    RDCA:E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)4170717.242772.550
    RDCA:I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)4189921.932753.270
    RDCA:J Grade (Tony Gawne Shield)3362819.031873.360
    RDCA:RDCA PSV T201949926.26588.480
    WCCC:East Twenty201985745.111545.540
    WCCC:East One Day Competition815118.88364.190
    RDCA:Dorset Gardens Hotel Veterans T20 Competition00 0  
    BHRDCA:Under 18 - Friday Night2583433.361814.590
    RDCA:Girls U/15 Stars      
    RDCA:Under 14-2 (Alan L. Reidy Shield)4572016.002093.450
    RDCA:Under 14-54967713.822183.090
    RDCA:Under 14 -63573821.091893.890
    RDCA:Under 14-2 T202026013.00604.330
    RDCA:Under 12-2 (Roy Baldwin Shield)4155013.411533.581
    RDCA:Under 12-62979527.411874.250
    RDCA:Under 12-2 T208739.13203.650
    RDCA:Stars Girls Cricket League -U/123963816.361404.560
    RDCA:Mini Bash 300 0  
    RDCA:Mini Bash 300 0  
    RDCA:Mini Bash 300 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team


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