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Hall of Fame - Bowling

Grade Type 
Match Format 
InningsMatchHat Tricks

4 wickets in an innings

1Rob ClarkeChirnside Park 1st XI2019/202030.412608Stuart Newey Plate1 1South Warrandyte 1st XI4063691518983234370
2Rob ClarkeChirnside Park 1st XI2019/202020.07396Stuart Newey Plate12 1Eastfield 1st XI4063691518983234412
3Jesse LehmannChirnside Park 2nd XI2019/202025.38556A Grade (Ian Spencer Shield)5 1North Ringwood 3rd XI4156451518983243969
4Rob ClarkeChirnside Park 1st XI2019/202018.02776Stuart Newey Plate13 1St Andrews 1st XI4063691518983234418
5Troy CaseyChirnside Park2019/20203.00165Under 12-2 (Roy Baldwin Shield)6 1Wonga Park17644751518983275848
6Jeremy NewsomeChirnside Park2019/20208.03165Under 14-2 (Alan L. Reidy Shield)11 1Warranwood13731471518983234778
7Rob ClarkeChirnside Park 1st XI2019/202019.110175Stuart Newey Plate5 1Scoresby 1st XI4063691518983234386
8Ryan GromadovskiChirnside Park 1st XI2019/20207.40255Stuart Newey Plate9 1Croydon North 1st XI4064591518983234402
9Daniel FuscoChirnside Park 3rd XI2019/20207.00385E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)9 1Templeton 3rd XI6902771518983262154
10Lochie GreenChirnside Park2019/20202.0134Under 12-2 T20GF 1Lilydale12848641518983413700
11Jeremy BennettChirnside Park (2)2019/20206.0264Under 14-511 1Templeton (2)12873151518983252771
12Adithya DongreChirnside Park2019/20203.584Under 12-2 (Roy Baldwin Shield)SF 1Kilsyth12848701518983422006
13Prakash AdapaChirnside Park 4th XI2019/202011.0794I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)5 1Warranwood 5th XI11144391518983262929
14Stewart CampbellChirnside Park 3rd XI2019/202014.08104E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)5 1Boronia 4th XI4067601518983262137
15Lucas FreegardChirnside Park 3rd XI2019/20208.22104E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)12 1Seville 3rd XI10737431518983262165
16Michael CarusiChirnside Park 5th XI2019/202010.06114J Grade (Tony Gawne Shield)5 1St Andrews 7th XI8390631518983262998
17Lucas FreegardChirnside Park 3rd XI2019/20207.01124E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)8 1Wonga Park 5th XI10737431518983262147
18Glenn SpencerChirnside Park2019/20203.00124Dorset Gardens Hotel Veterans T20 Competition3 1Kilsyth4050831518983400605
19Ryan GreenChirnside Park (2)2019/20206.01174Under 14-55 1Croydon Ranges (2)12848651518983252748
20Shane WallikerChirnside Park 3rd XI2019/202014.06194E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)11 1North Ringwood 5th4142001518983262161
21Shane WallikerChirnside Park 3rd XI2019/202022.012194E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)13 1Kilsyth 4th XI4142001518983262168
22Rajni KukkarChirnside Park2019/20208.00204East One Day Competition1 1Wyclif19476371518983342915
23Joshua Singh-SawyersChirnside Park 4th XI2019/20208.02214I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)7 1Kilsyth 5th XI9272351518983262937
24Ryan GromadovskiChirnside Park 1st XI2019/20206.00344Stuart Newey Plate4 1Seville 1st XI4064591518983234381
25Rob ClarkeChirnside Park 1st XI2019/202025.310504Stuart Newey Plate14 1Seville 1st XI4063691518983234421
26Jesse LehmannChirnside Park 2nd XI2019/202019.03704A Grade (Ian Spencer Shield)13 1St Andrews 2nd XI4156451518983244004


Seeking Contracted Player For 2020/21

Position Description: Chirnside Park Cricket Club is looking for a highly motivated, passionate and experienced Contracted Player for the 2020/2021 season Read more